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ExodUS Summit 2022: Move Abroad Money. For Black Women.
Saturday 8th - Sunday 9th October 2022

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An Entertainment, and Lifestyle creative media provider that strategically delivers a range of Bespoke Publishing, Marketing and PR services aimed to network and position Your Brand in front of the right audience, getting YOU noticed! 



We  organize  Exclusive Lifestyle Experiences for Celebrities. 
The British Tea Experience  is one of our most popular lifestyle experiences held  at  luxury  venues.   These are fun, relaxing events giving our guests time away from their hectic schedules to indulge , enjoy and relax in private.  We also partner with Tony Jazz, Bespoke Lifestyle Consultant from The Butlers of Mayfair  who offers Bespoke Visits throughout London.   These Afternoon Tea Experiences are Hosted by Esther Austin.  Previous Guests  - Legends Shalamar (Image on the left)  The Three Degrees, Deniece Williams and many more.  To find out more ....Email Us:


We offer Fun, Bespoke Luxury Lifestyle Experiences supporting our busy clients to unwind, exhale to enjoy the finer things in life.  We believe in looking after one's well-being.  Your Health is Your Wealth which then enhances your productivity.  From Group
Sessions to your 1-2-1 Personal sessions, we have something
for everyone. 

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Porcelain Serveware

Esther interviews with everyday heroes as well as some of the most successful entertainers of our time. But these are not your usual celebrity fluff pieces, Esther delves into the heart and soul of these legends who share never before told stories of failure and redemption and how to start over and pick up again.  We will soon be working on more Documentaries..... 
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Read all about the exploits at TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being magazine, and at Esther Austin Global.  Find out the latest about what's happening behind the scenes. 
We have Theatre, Festival, Event Reviews, 
Stories of afternoon tea with Celebs
and so much more.  Advertising opportunities available.
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Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine

Get your brand featured in this luxury lifestyle quarterly magazine.  Everyone has a story to tell, and you can tell yours here because you are an Everyday hero and we want to share your story with the world.  We also cover  Celebrity interviews, Fine Dining Reviews, Humour, Health and Well-Being tips and much more. Great Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities available.
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We have a range of products, books and PDFS that will nurture your mindset, helping you to achieve the life you desire whether that is an emotional, spiritual or physical transformation.  Knowledge is Power only if you utilize it in a way that TRULY benefits you.  
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Esther Austin is a powerful Keynote Speaker.  Heart-Felt, Down-to-earth, her talks will move you, they will inspire you and most of all they will galvanise you to become the best version of yourself.  She tells lots of heart-felt authentic stories that are certain to resonate with you to further inspire and influence you.  
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