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Media Partners Esther Austin Global & TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine with Golden Sneakers International in Hamburg, Germany Friday 1st July to Sunday 3rd July for the Queens and Kings of Hip Hop Film Festival

Media Partners with FAME week Africa,  Esther Austin Global & TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine in Cape Town at FAME Week Africa 24th to 26th August 2022.  Click image for more info.....

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Esther Austin Global is a flexible Entertainment & Media Public Relations Agency, which means we’ll do whatever it takes to get you noticed by the right people. Whether through strategic targeting, multimedia placements or events, we have the tools to make our clients stand out.  

Since 2018 we’ve been an influential Entertainment & Media Public Relations Agency dedicated to helping our clients gain exposure to the right audience. Through a combination of creative press work, promotions and events, we have the knowledge and experience to get brands noticed.  

Documentaries: Get your voices and stories seen and heard and leave a lifetime legacy behind.  

Bespoke Lifestyle Experiences:  We offer Fun, Bespoke Luxury Lifestyle Experiences supporting our very busy clients to unwind, exhale to enjoy the finer things in life.

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