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International Talk Show Host

Esther Austin 

On the Sofa with Esther

Welcome to the official website of Esther Austin, British award-winning International Talk Show Host. Esther is best known for her in-depth off-the-cuff interviews on her Signature show 'On the Sofa with Esther', where she interviews everyday heroes and some of the most influential and successful entertainers of our time.


Join us on Sundays at 8pm GMT for a glimpse inside the lives of our favorite artists, a time of sharing, caring, laughter, and nostalgia.  Tuesdays for words of wisdom, 8pm and the last Wednesday of each month at 8pm GMT, with a group of black men who powerfully share, support and find solutions to life's challenges.

Deniece Williams_edited
Gregory Williams and Joe Tex 2_edited
Bobby Wilson and Esther_edited
The Three Degrees
Photoshoot with The Former Supremes.  Esther Wearing outfit from The Funki Butterfly Range. Image by Randi Childs Photography

Photoshoot with The Former Supremes
Photographer: Randi Childs
Randi Childs Photography


Esther Austin has been known for her unique sense of style since her teenage years. Her clothing choices are an expression of her personality and those wonderful gems called imagination and creativity. It's a real Soul Journey, exploring styles and looks.  Esther has created a Bespoke range that embodies individuality, expansion, and expression, while also adding a touch of playfulness, eccentricity, and elegance. The Funki Butterfly represents the woman who values authenticity, courage, and freedom, and is not afraid to embrace her inner child and feminine essence. It's a perfect choice for those who do not follow trends, but are the trend setters. 

Create Your Own Unique Individual Style

Define Your Legacy, By Simply Being You

Become a Funki Butterfly

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