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Former Corporate Professional and Healthcare worker turned Entrepreneur, Esther Austin, is a gifted woman who has spun her
multiple and diverse talents into a successful business, while simultaneously inspiring others.  

Esther  is  a  Multiple Business Award Winner:


  • May 2024 - 2023 Enthrone Ent Honors Hall of Fame Induction

  • September 2023 – Las Vegas at  The Anti-Bullying Awards, The Diamond of Excellence Award for Media and Publishing

  • February 2023 – London – Nominated for The Power Of A Woman Awards.  A space where women of color can celebrate themselves and each other.

  • October  2019 - PowerHouse  Global Mentor 2019 Award

  • April 2016  BeMogul Award for being one of the most influential Black British Entrepreneurs 

  • 2005 Barclays Trading Places Award for Entrepreneurs

  • 2000 The Skillset Millennium Entrepreneurship Award.

PowerHouse Award_edited.jpg

Esther Austin is a proud mother and grandmother.  She is a renowned British Talk Show Host, Television Producer, Motivational Speaker, and Publisher. She is known for her exceptional interviewing skills and her ability to ask thought-provoking questions. Esther is also the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of TurningPoint: Music and Lifestyle, a transformational magazine. Her career has led her to work with some of the world's most recognized legends in entertainment and notable figures. As an adventurous and passionate entrepreneur, Esther Austin lives life to the fullest. A woman who is a hopeless creative, who loves to weave the magic of life into all that she does.  From her style and fashion trend to her outlook on life.

Esther Austin has cultivated a career that prompts some of the world's most recognized legends in entertainment, legacy acts, and notable figures to request her on their press runs.

Esther is an eccentric adventurous spirit, who loves to dance, loves music, loves to travel, to eat good food.  She is also a qualified Animal Communicator, otherwise known as a Horse Whisperer, constantly challenging herself to become the best version of herself.  

Under Esther Austin Global Media you will find a library of on-line podcasts, videos and articles on her blog  
These interviews open up the opportunity for individuals to authentically share about their challenges, successes and glory.

For information on how Esther Austin Global may be of service if you are an Artist and want to broadcast your message to a wider platform and are interested in one of the PR packages, do not hesitate to reach out using our contact form, to book a complimentary consultation with a member of our team. 

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