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Former Corporate Professional and Healthcare worker turned Entrepreneur, Esther Austin, is a gifted woman who has spun her multiple and diverse talents into a successful business, while simultaneously inspiring others.  

Esther  is  a  four  times  business award winner:

- October 2019 PowerHouse Global Mentor 2019 Award;

- April 2016 BeMogul Award for being one of the most influential Black     British Entrepreneurs; 

- 2005 Barclays Trading Places Award for Entrepreneurs

- 2000 The Skillset Millennium Entrepreneurship Award .

Personal Transformational KeyNote Speaker and Leader/Workshop Facilitator:   Esther is passionate about supporting individuals into their greatness.  She works with clients to support them in understanding  their emotional intelligence giving clients the opportunity to work through and clear emotional blocks

A PR Consultant supporting clients to get their brands in front of the right audience and a Bespoke Lifestyle Consultant, Change Specialist and powerful Empowerment/Keynote Speaker,  Esther equips her clients with tools which gives them confidence to make profound changes in their lives. 

At Esther Austin Global PR you will find a library of on-line podcasts, videos and written articles with inspirational interviews. These interviews open up the opportunity for individuals to authentically share about their challenges, successes and glory.

Esther Austin s also a Freelance Journalist, Broadcaster, Editor and Publisher of TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine.  A luxury, lifestyle online and Print-on-Demand quarterly magazine featuring interviews with real life heros and legends and pioneers from the entertainment industry. 

TurningPoint was first published in August 2017 and is currently a quarterly, quality, on-line lifestyle empowerment magazine.

Sections of the magazine: Fine Dining, Exclusives, Community Interviews, Fragrance Reviews, Humour, Health & Well-Being, Business and Entrepreneurship, Fashion and much more.


If you wish information on how Esther Austin Global may be of service to help you express your Unique Style or if you are an Artist and want to broadcast your message to a wider platform and are interested in one of the PR packages, do not hesitate to reach out using our contact form, or book one session with Esther Austin to have a preliminary chat.

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