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Christmas for Children at The Royal Albert Hall and The SouthBank

As 2023 looms out of the way, I have been reminiscing about all the incredible things that 2023 bought with it and as we headed towards the end of the year those moments continued.

I attended with several shows with my grand children, which were for children, where the wonder of Christmas really captivated me. The first show was 'My Christmas Orchestral Adventure' at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 17th December. For me The Royal Albert Hall has always carried with it a special grace, a structure that stands regal and magical, and yet when we entered into the auditorium, there was even more magic there, even as an adult I found myself gasping. The space was lit up in the most spectacular way, how could any child not be mesmerised by this, never-mind an adult.

"My Christmas Orchestral Adventure had returned this December with a brand-new story.

Oh no! Father Christmas is due at the biggest Christmas concert in the whole world but conductor Tim has lost his Christmas spirit.

Join his brother Tom, Albert’s Orchestra and a cast of special guests as they take Tim through Christmas’s past, present and future to try and bring his Christmas cheer back in time to meet Father Christmas!" Excerpt from website

The auditorium was filled to the brim with the little people. There was an air of excitement, along-with the noise of babies cries, lots of chatter, and so much more - this was a special family afternoon out, with everyone ready to celebrate, have fun and be part of something wonderfully enriching and adventurous. I could feel a giggle rise up in me, that childish place that presents itself to the world often. I felt so proud to be there with my grandchildren, experiencing special moments with them, and also to see the look on their faces when the lights went down and the adventure began.

The Christmas Carols, the playful interaction, the storytelling, Santa, the choir, the decorations - what a magical experience. The lights creating mystical nuances.

This is what Christmas is about, the fantasy, the illusion. The coming together to experience all the wonderful and magical things that makes life rich and special, at that moment. A celebration of those magical moments before the big day.

I wonder what Christmas 2024 will have in store for us after such a wonderful performance in 2023. But I don't want to spoil the magic, so for now, I will just hold onto the experience of the adventure, until then - Rudolph - time to go.

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