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Esther Austin's Meet & Greet USA Fall 2023 Tour - Las Vegas, September 26th 2023

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

So here we are, I'm on the last leg of my tour. I'm in Atlanta and have only literally just had time to sit down to put pen to paper. I've captured some wonderful moments, some powerful moments, and some poignant moments from my trip, and I've managed to grab a few moments before the last leg of my tour in Atlanta on Friday 13th October, to share some memories from the past few weeks. Since landing in Las Vegas on 19th September, it's been a whirlwind tour and experience. On 21st September, I was invited to the Premier of Bobby Wilson's Documentary 'The Last TearDrop' which told his story of finding out that the legend Jackie Wilson was his father. The premier was attended by some of the biggest names in the industry, who not only came out of curiosity but also to salute Bobby. The documentary captured heartfelt stories about Bobby's life, as a singer, and a legend in his own right and then as the son of Jackie Wilson. A review of that coming soon.

Then on Sunday 24th September, I attended and had the pleasure of hosting the 7th Annual Anti-Bullying Red Carpet Award Show for Queen Carrie Brown, Queen of Las Vegas Entertainment Capital Of The World Nations Ambassador USA Public Figure. Details of that event will be uploaded shortly.

However, I wanted to share something about my first Meet and Greet. The reason for this tour was because I kept getting told that 'people know what you do, but not who you are.' I realized it was time for me to be on the other side of the camera and microphone, to share more of myself and my journey, so that people would get a clearer understanding of why I do what I do and why I am so passionate about the body of work I've created.

I thank all those who came out to support me. We had a great time and as I looked back at all that transpired I felt so incredibly grateful that I had pulled it off, with the support of some incredible women who I'd like to say thank you to. Alberta Richardson, Queen Carrie Brown. We worked together as a team to put on a top-class event. Faith, tenacity and belief not only in what I was doing, but a steadfast belief in God/The Universe to take me where I was destined to go and to create a pathway, that included traveling extensively and meeting beautiful people, whilst sharing, networking and building personal and professional relationships.

Alot of work was put into organizing this tour, and it was worth it. It's has been intense, hectic and tiring but so very rewarding. Dreams are like petals, you plant the seeds, and then when the flower grows and blooms, each petal becomes a symbol of what is to be birthed. However, what also drives me are my two boys and grandchildren. To show them that through dedication and hard work one can live the dream.

Roy Hamilton Jr

Roy Hamilton Jr performed. He performed one of his famous father's renditions of sons 'Unchained Melody'. With "Unchained Melody", Hamilton became the first solo artist to deliver a top-ten pop hit for Epic. This all added to the nostalgia of the evening and I was thankful to have finally met Roy, who I've had the pleasure of interviewing on many occasions. I also admire him and his lovely wife and manager Maria for their dedication to keeping Roy Hamilton's music and memory alive, a man who influenced the likes of Elvis and who influenced Sam Cooke, then a gospel star, to move over to secular music.

Each moment we dream, each moment we imagine is a moment that plants a seed. Every movement and step forward is a moment towards something. With the belief and your faith to create something out of nothing. Knowing your purpose and being obedient to your calling, can and will open doors.

Kyle and his wife Aisha, Maria Hamilton, Roy Hamilton, Kevin McDougal (Manager of Pauli Carman from Champaign)

More wonderful opportunities to share with you, in between the tour events. However, this is not about me really, it's about a little girl who had a dream, who knew in her heart that one day should would become very successful, in spite of and despite off, and with her backpack and Dr Marten Boots in tow, she started on that journey and kept going. Why do I say this is not really about me? Because it's about faith, it's about dreams, it's about tenacity - it's about the attributes that will take you and guide you to wherever you need to go. It's about purpose's about Faith, to inspire, to encourage YOU on your journey.

Link to Video Interview of My Journey - Part 1 - Las Vegas

Photo Credit: David Orlov Event was held at: The Griffin Studios, Las Vegas

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