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Highlights from My Trip to the States - Lunching with Legends - Beverly Hills Rendezvous

Having the pleasure of visiting America recently, was a dream come true. The power of the mind, the set of intention and the will power to make it work, whatever the 'it' was..... worked. A sponsored business trip made it all the easier to do what needed to be done.

Left to Right - Jacqui Wagner, Wanda Vaughn, Wendi Vaughn, Esther Austin, Dr Moshe Lewis. Seated Left to Right: Denise Gordy, Freda Payne, Scherrie Payne Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Long hours, insurmountable challenges, deadlines, sometimes uncertainty, all make this journey an incredible experience which defines who we are as human beings and more importantly they hone us as individuals, refining our character step by step, because along the way is enjoyment and achievements and other wonderful opportunities and learning to enjoy and embrace every moment, because each moment teaches us something about ourselves and how we operate.

This trip was to formerly launch The Spring issue of TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being at The Gifting Suite of The Oscars, a pre-Oscar event. Exclusive with Roy Ayers and his Publicist Brigette Wiley. Inside were interviews with the sons and daughters of other music legends, along with other great content. Visit: to purchase digital or physical copies Copies of the magazine were handed out in Gift Bags to Producers, Directors, Actors, Actresses and Oscar Nominees. For the next week or so, I attended various events, one major highlight was my trip to have lunch in Beverly Hills with legends from the music and entertainment world arranged by a wonderful entrepreneur Dr Moshe Lewis, who gives and supports and is a wonderful energy of positivity (The male in the picture above). A copy was shown and handed to the ladies at the luncheon, and in other places where I ventured.

In this video from left right right - Wanda Vaughn, Denise Gordy, Freda Payne, Scherrie Payne - Beautiful women, leaders, full of poise and elegance. Rich and authentic with stories and life experiences.

Scherrie Payne talks about her Childhood antics with her Sister with Freda Payne We laughed and giggled. I captured intimate moments on camera with these legends giving brief insight into their lives and experiences. Offering guidance and simply just having some good old fashioned fun.

Freda Payne shares Childhood Antics with her Sister Scherrie Payne

Wendi Vaughn, the stunning daughter of Wanda Vaughn and Wayne Vaughn of The Emotions who sings with her mother Wanda was an incredible inspiration and font of conscious knowledge. We listened to her engage us all with information about food, health and well-being. There was such an air of love and family in the room and Wanda herself was full of smiles, a deeply observant woman of wisdom.

Esther and Wanda Vaughn doing their 'thang'

Words of Wisdom from Freda Payne about looking after our health and well-being. Sitting next to the gorgeous Denise Gordy

Words of Wisdom from Scherrie Payne about looking after our health and well-being.

The food was so good. I had lamb chops with an arrangement of sautéed vegetables, a nice glass of something alcoholic (of which I have forgotten the name) but it did have a lychee perched delectably on the edge of the glass, and then we ended it all with a finger licking desert. Overall great company, great food and a whole lot of laughter.

I must share one cheeky image. After finishing my main meal, I looked up and caught Scherrie's eye. Yes the food was that good and there was still some meat sitting on those lamb bones. So Scherrie said 'there's a lot of meat still left on those bones'. I agreed and then we both instinctively said, "shall we?" and we both picked up our bones, all four of them, giggling savouring the meat right of those juicy lamb bones. Guilty pleasures come in many guises.

More words of inspiration firstly from Denise Gordy and then Freda Payne

A stunning capture of both Jacqui Wagner and Denise Gordy


More to come from the adventures of TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine

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