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Images of Erykah Badu in New York - Arranged by our Resident New York Correspondent Renee Mickens

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to introduce to you to, one of our resident correspondents from New York, Ms Renee Mickens. Renee will capture Entertainment Photographic Reviews from the entertainment world for TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being. Below is a snippet about Renee and what she does on a daily basis, other than attend events as our resident Entertainment photographic Reviewer. We can look forward to seeing and reading about many more exciting things happening in the entertainment world.

"Renee Mickens, also known as "Royal the CEO," is the driven leader behind Royal Hustler Company. As the CEO, she oversees a dynamic entertainment company that offers a range of services, including event planning, networking, hosting for urban classy habitués, marketing/promotions, and public relations. What sets Royal Hustler Promotions apart is their deep passion for Hip Hop/R&B and their commitment to supporting underground music artists and the raw artform of battle rap. You can find Royal Hustler Company on Instagram

The impressive achievements of Royal Hustler Company have not gone unnoticed. They were featured in the popular YouTube web series, "Rodent, The Urban Soap Opera," in episode 2. In addition, Renee Mickens has been recognized in various media outlets, including Grinderzzz Magazine, SapphirEmerald Magazine, Respect My Royalty Blog by Lady Nicole, Incline Magazine, Respect My Royalty Podcast, I.A.S Live Music Review Publication and TV Show, 950 Lounge Podcast, Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine, and Violators Unlimited Radio Podcast.

But Renee Mickens is not only a successful entrepreneur. She is also a published curvy/plus-size model who was part of the NYC Sexy Curvy Divas under the guidance of visionary Levy Paul. Her achievements extend beyond the world of entertainment as she currently holds the prestigious positions of CEO of Royal Hustler Promotions.

It's worth noting that Renee is also a licensed insurance broker in NY, NJ, and PA, showing her versatility and ability to excel in different industries.

Renee Mickens aka "Royal the CEO" is a force to be reckoned with, combining her business acumen with a passion for music and artistic expression. Her dedication to promoting underground talents and her remarkable achievements in various media platforms make her a true leader in the industry. So keep an eye out for Renee Mickens and the exciting endeavors of Royal Hustler Company—they are truly making waves in the entertainment world." Excerpt taken from Royal Hustle Promotions Website

Renee attended the Erykah Badu gig Bric, Celebrate Brooklyn: Erykah Badu on 5th August,

Below are some images from that event. I

Photographer Credit: Tony Krash

Images from Newark Gig Erykah Badu with Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on Jul 11, 2023.

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