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Lunch at Jessie Raes BBQ - Las Vegas, Review

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

As part of my adventures and in between my Meet and Greet USA Fall 2023 Tour through three states Las Vegas, LA and Atlanta, there have been so many other wonderful experiences.

One of those was lunch at one of the best BBQ restaurants in Vegas, that I have been to.

A nice intimate space, with two televisions, and decorated for Halloween, alongwith a pin ball table. The white walls giving the space an element of spaceiousness. I was welcomed warmly at the new location of Jessie Raes BBQ at 308 N Boulder HWY, Henderson in Vegas accompanied by my friend Queen Carrie Brown and this lunch appointment also doubled up as a business meeting with Media Mogul TVA Parks. It was a great way to spend Sunday lunch.

From the moment we stepped into Jessie Raes to the time we left, we were looked after, interspersed with lots of great conversation with drippings of laughter. We were greeted by General Manager, Mykala Perkins, and Honey one of the waitresses and were shown to the drinks machine where I grabbed myself some sweet tea and then we were seated. I was excited as well as hungry not knowing what to expect.

The menu was quite extensive and it was hard to choose foods to try, However, Mykala provided a very detailed description of the menu, as I stared like a child in a toy shop, and what it involved, I finally selected the rack of ribs (6), with macaroni cheese and sweet corn, Carrie did the same with different side dishes.

Coming from the UK, we are not really known to have such huge portions for our meals, and so when my platter came, it was one of those eye popping moments. Then to give us a full immersive Jessie Raes BBQ experience, Mykala bought us a huge platter with an assortment of meat along with fries. I could feel heart attack season coming on as she then showed up with some bread rolls. I was already on my 3rd rib and struggling, after literally devouring the sides of macroni and cheese, sweet corn which was delish.

I really wanted to eat my 4th rib, but I just couldnt. My eyes were beseeching me to pick it up and eat it, but my stomach was already severely protesting and I had to listen. We bagged up the rest of the food to take. There was still enough to feed a whole family. We then headed out to take pictures., with Mykala, Honey and AJ who prepares the food and to have a few more laughs and for me to impress with my 'British' accent and then it was time to head off into the 'desert' literally. A most memorable afternoon, with some great staff and in good company. Thank you also to Sam known as 'Mom' for arganising this Review visit.

Jessie Raes BBQ at 308 N Boulder HWY, Henderson, Las Vegas

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