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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Wednesday 18th August, all roads led to the stunningly plush Odeon Luxe and Dine in Islington, as members of the Press congregated to celebrate the launch of Marshayne's latest single 'I Kneel for You' (formerly known as Wayne 'G-Spot' Marshall). Another sassy, sexy, intimate track of pure love and indulgence that would make anyone go weak at the knees and which also came with a titillating video, full of niceness, teasing and lots of pleasurable naughtiness, taking us back to those moments and memories of Marshayene's 90's timeless tune 'G-Spot' and what this man truly stood for. Touch. Intimacy and lots of 'Good Lurving.'

I attended with my good friend, Tony Jazz, Resident Contributor to my magazine, Turningpoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being and Bespoke Lifestyle Manager, who showed up as usual looking dapper and was treated to a sumptuous burger with all the trimmings, even more laughter, and more picture taking. The ambience in the space was full of love and support. The effervescent and life of the party, renowned, DJ Elayne was there capturing those special moments from everyone on a facebook live stream. Good people attract Good People, Right!! A videoed Bio Documentary was also shown, hosted by the lady herself, DJ Elayne.

The track was released on Thursday 19th August. Have a listen below to my interview with Marshayne. He will also be joining me live...On the Sofa with Esther on Sunday 22nd August, for a more detailed talk, for what I am sure will be a great conversation about the track, his documentary and much more. To be streamed live on FB at LN Soul Radio and On the Sofa with Esther. 8pm - 10pm GMT.

In between all the fanfare, celebrations and picture taking, and laughter I caught up with Marshayne to grab five minutes of his time to speak to him about his latest track.


A big thank you to Duchess and Taweret and the lovely gentleman in the white Shylo Malone, Artist on the LOC Label, LOC Director and everyone else on the team for putting on a fantastic event. There was a real essence of honouring in the space, from how we were looked after, for making everyone feel welcome and inclusive as guests, and the honouring of a man who is now making a COME BACK. WATCH THIS SPACE 'I Kneel for You' can be Purchased on all Major Platforms For Further Information Contact: Duchess P Royal - Artist Liaison/Events LOC EMG T. +44 (0) 730 631 9450 E.

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