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More Highlights from Launch of Spring issue TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine

Updated: May 2, 2022

Journeys are created by experiences. Depending on the experiences is reliant on the perception and outcome of that journey. Turningpoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well has certainly been on an eclectic journey. A journey that started off with nothing but a note pad, a lot of incredible audio interviews, with individuals who shared incredible stories about their journey. Stories that I wanted to get out into the public domain on a wider level. I wanted everyone to be able to access the words of wisdom my guests shared because deep down, I knew that someone would be touched.

So to have the opportunity to formerly launch, The Spring issue at The Gifting Suite of the Oscars was a major achievement on many levels for me, the CEO of the publication. So below, is shared more images and videos of that journey. I hope you get something out of what is presented and I will always encourage you to keep on keeping on. As with the theme of this issue UNSUNG...become your own Unsung hero, or become it for someone else. We are all messengers on our own individual journeys, find yours, keep seeking your purpose and then fly on the wings of an eagle to make it happen.

The first image was taken at the Gifting Suite - Miss California and Miss California Teen. The second image of the lovely Vida Craddock, who is featured in the magazine, a phenomenal fashion designer who also has a range of perfumes and designs the most incredible shoes The last image is of the legend Charles Wright of The Watts, 103rd Street Rhythm Band known for his famous track 'Express yourself; who also is featured in The Spring issue.

Louis Price, Former Lead Singer of The Drifters and The Temptations

Carrie Brown, Entertainment Queen of Las Vegas with Pamela Fuller of the legendary group The Stubbs Girls. Having fun after a meal of my favourite GRITS, with butter and pepper.

More videos to come

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