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Review of The Snowman at The Peacock Theatre by Esther Austin

Raymond Briggs' book is a wonderful seasonal treat for little people. This musical adaptation is back at the Peacock Theatre for the 25th year. The story is about a little boy who goes on a magical adventure with his snowman, as they venture to the North Pole for some festive frolics before returning home in time for Christmas morning

I found The Snowman an exceptionally magical experience. This was the second time I had seen this production and I must say, maybe it has something to do with being older and having a different appreciation for different things, or maybe it was because I went with my grand-daughter, but I was totally mesmerized and enjoyed myself so much, that I left The Peacock Theatre wanting to fly and leap about in the snow like a child. I've wanted to see The Snowman for a very long time now. I saw it many years ago, and remember that at the time I was a little bored and perplexed with what seemed at the time, a long monotonous silence of moving bodies and images. However, this time it was one of those moments that really touched my inner child. Maybe I had to learn to let go of my adult-self for a brief moment in order to tap back into my inner child!!

The Snowman tells a simple and endearing story of a relationship between a little boy and the snowman that he builds. It touches on those poignant moments of creating an adventurous exploration to the North Pole, and the friendship they build together.

As a parent, I giggled, at the moments of getting a child ready for bed, and the antics involved in this, the playing around and mischievousness. The Boy was played by Raphael Korniets, his performance subtle in its lure, engaging, and warmly captivating, allowed space for me and hopefully the audience to go into our own child-like imagination.

The snowman, played by Martin Fenton & Óscar Fonseca, tall and seemingly large in statue, carried grace and playfulness as nimble as the ballerina herself. His silence enticed even more curiosity from me, as I absorbed myself in his playful antics and his wonderful, bumbling gait. As his relationship with 'The Boy' developed it reminded me of all that was warm and cuddly and exciting of two innocent individuals, taking turns in being the teacher and then the pupil at times, each learning from the other through that intricate maze of exploration and creative imagination.

The ballerina added that girly, 'pretty' touch to the show, as she danced around, in her lovely light blue outfit, freely and expressively. Who doesn't love a ballerina!

Those who performed as animals cheeky in costume and in character belied the simplicity and essence of nature. Nature with all her wonderful seasonal assortments going through their various transitions i.e the sun, frost, snow and how this impacted how humans and animals interacted with each other.

The show was uplifting, and light hearted, and drew gasps to the wonderful 'flight' to "Walking in the Air" which concluded the first half, with The Snowman and The Boy, 'flying' in the air. This was one of the highlights of the show, one of real magic. Oooo and not to forget the different types of Snowmen with all their humorous antics; The Cowboy snowman, The Kung-Fu snowman, The Scottish snowman in his kilt and many more.......I giggled like a hyena and clapped and applauded with gusto and I am sure the loudest once the curtains closed. It was nice to indulge in the world of fantasy for a while and I left the theatre feeling totally rejuvenated. A definite must-see before the curtains close on 31st December 2022.

19 Nov - 31 Dec 2022 Duration: 1 hr 50 mins (including one interval of 20 minutes) Purchase Tickets from: The Snowman (

Creative Team Howard Blake Composer, Lyricist, Scenario Co-Creator and Joint Executive Producer;

Robert North Choreographer; Bill Alexander Director; Ruari Murchison Designer; Tim Mitchell Lighting Designer; Richard Brooker Sound Designer; Rossella Capriolo Assistant Choreographer; Anita Griffin Assistant Choreographer; Julian Moss Assistant Choreographer; Darren Parish Assistant Choreographe; Steve Socci Orchestral Manager; Costas Fotopoulos Musical Director / Piano;

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