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The Premier of Bobby Wilson's 'The Last Teardrop'

Updated: Oct 15, 2023


Dur: 84 MIN

Year: 2023



SYNOPSIS TAKEN FROM PRESS RELEASE: "Two men. One unbelievable story. THE LAST TEARDROP is the incredible journey of Bobby Wilson, a singer and entertainer who gained critical acclaim for his remarkable stage recreation of Jackie Wilson, the musical legend who passed away in 1984. Little did Bobby know that his tribute performances would lead him on an unbelievable journey of self-discovery and family drama involving some of soul music’s biggest names, such as The Four Tops and James Brown.

Through a shocking discovery, Bobby uncovers a web of family secrets involving the mob, murder and financial fraud. As he struggles through the emotional turmoil of his newfound family history and a litany of conflicts, he also continues his goal to bring the healing power of music to fans and children in the foster care system.

THE LAST TEARDROP examines Bobby’s experiences and the challenges faced by children needing homes while the system struggles to keep up after the impact of COVID.

Featuring rare archival footage of Jackie Wilson, stunning re-enactments and exclusive interviews with music icons including Joey Dee of The Starliters, Tony Orlando, and Peter Hernandez, the father of Bruno Mars. THE LAST TEARDROP takes you on an unforgettable journey through the world of music, the resilience of the human spirit and is proof that life is much stranger than fiction."

My trip to the USA has been a wonderful whirlwind of adventures and experiences. From attending premiers to award ceremonies to afternoon tea events. My first stop was attending the premier of 'The Last Teardrop'. A story about the life of Bobby Wilson, the son of Jackie Wilson.

I went along with my friend Carrie Brown Queen of Las Vegas Entertainment Capital Of The World Nations Ambassador USA Public Figure and her Executive Assistant Ms Alberta Richardson. (Picture below)

It was a star-studded event with many famous names, adorning the red carpet and everyone vying to capture a picture with Bobby Wilson, the star of the evening. However, I felt it was much more than people wanting to be photographed with him, there was definitely a deep respect for him and to be around him and I felt people were genuinely pleased and supportive of Bobby, which was very palpable. People were eager to hear his story, an intriguing, heartfelt and inspiring story.

However, what was striking about the documentary, was that I walked away with a very clear understanding of what and how the character of Bobby Wilson was formed. His deep and resolute belief in God, the values and love instilled by his foster mother shaped his experiences of the world and himself. These experiences honed him into understanding who he was, to be aware of being accountable of his actions but more so, how to be a gracious human being, by spreading love and by being love, by giving love.

As Bobby's story unraveled, from Bobby's formative years in Foster care, being in the army, having anger issues, major health issues to performing and not knowing who his father was, but uncannily having the characteristics and temperament of a man who was a legend, and yet never meeting him, to Bobby himself now being a legend in his own right, I got a sense that 'The Last TearDrop' was a documentary that showed us how we are shaped, not by our experiences but by the mindset we develop and how faith, can certainly move mountains. What was important too were the interviews by Foster Care and Adoption Agencies, which added importance to the world's understanding the system and how it operates and more importantly, the impact being in care can have on a child.

A Must watch

CAST: Bobby Wilson, Dr. John DeGarmo, Myron Bernard, Joey Dee, Tony Orlando, Peter Hernandez, Blase' Michael Lizzmore, Tracy Shivers, Bobby Schiffman, Reginald "Motsi" Abrams, Charles Davis, Annie Gilmore, Cylk Cozart, Sabrina Wilson.

Visit here for more details of when 'The Last TearDrop' will be featured in your area:


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