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TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine At The Oscars Gifting Suite - LA March 2022

The Summer issue of TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine - Themed: UNSUNG, was formally launched at The Gifting Suite of The Oscars at the Universal Hilton, Hollywood, LA organised by The Harris Brothers from WOW Creations Media. This was a momentous occasion for the magazine - a dream come true. The Gifting Suite was a great experience, to meet those nominated for an Oscar, Directors, Producers, Actors, Actresses and just generally nice people. I also met so many wonderful people who had gifting stalls with incredible products that day - It was one big social get together. Those who facilitated the event, those behind the scenes from The Receptionists, to the gentleman on duty who was overseeing that everything went well, to concierge, the service was fantastic. Products in the Gifting bags were from those featured in The Spring issue.

Joining me at The Gifting Suite Table was Precious Love promoting her unique kitchenware products, that was fully embraced by all. Her Kitchenware set is called Chef Izzy - with the strapline 'No Seasoning, No Reasoning'.

Joseph Wright from HVTV also joined us at the table and I am thankful for all the help and support in setting up by both Precious and Joseph. HVTV is a media platform to bring together Indie artists, who join in the journey to creative freedom. Whether movies, TV series, sports, or livestream events, The mobile app provides a channel of visual communication that is enhanced by music and vice versa. He was named Mr Hollywood by many because of his snazzy, sharp looking jacket.

The Harris Twins Mark and Matthew organisers of The Gifting Suite events were hospitable, and attentive in their very professional way and the event went as smooth as ever. When myself and Precious Love arrived there was an air of excitement to have finally made it to such an event as this. To be in a place where my product, TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being magazine would be placed in 124 Gift bags at an event that elevates brands. I had also bought along a few other brands, created by young people, to give them an opportunity to get the visibility I felt their brands deserved. There is a saying - One Hand Can't Clap, and there are so many blessings to be had by helping raise others up. Those two brands were Royale Roots - A hair brand Founded by Adenike Odukoya, who once suffered from serious hair loss, whose brand strapline is 'Your Hair is Your Crown', Adenike supplied a Butter Blend to moisturise the hair and holistic oil that smelt delightfully of herbs for the scalp

TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine also supported another young black owned business run by 12 year old DJ Zel of her handmade Hair Care products for All Hair Textures. She supplied the Gifting Suite bags with DJ Zel Avocado, Manberry Hair Butter which Repairs Strengthens & Promotes Hair Growth', alongwith DJ Zel Natrual Shea Butter Lemon Seed & Tomoto Seed Vaniberry Hair Butter for Brittle, Damaged Hair, Loss & Promote Hair Growth alongwith her sumptuous lip balms. .

Chocolatier Specialist, Specialist in Hand-Crafted Chocolates, Chocolate Artist Paul Wayne Gregory supplied TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being with samples of his delightfully tasting cholate lollipops, with a caramel crunch that fizzled in your mouth and which oozed with a yummy creamy centre, delightfully packaged. (Website currently under construction). As you can see from this image , Paul's artistry means he can craft and design anything you desire from chocolate. It was great to see once I mentioned chocolate how much quicker the gifting bags went.

I inserted flyers by several other businesses, one run by Bespoke Lifestyle Consultant Tony Jazz - and Eilatan who makes conscious eco-friendly jewellery

The BLAC Awards also presented flyers into the Gifting Bags - an organisation doing incredible work celebrating greatness.

Meeting Louis Price, Former Lead Singer for The Temptations and The Drifters, who gladly grasped my magazine, was a real pleasure, a real character who draws laughter from all those around him. P.S - If in London to try to go and see The Play 'The Drifters Girl'.

Pictures of those who grabbed a copy of the magazine and a Gifting Bag

A really great day had by all - A little tiring but for everyone who received a Gifting Bag from the TurningPoint; Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine Table, we all really hope you enjoyed the products and information inside and we hope to see you all next year. More updates about this trip coming up in another blog. See you soon

Thank you to Print Company MIXAM, PAUL WAYNE GREGORY, KWAME MACPHERSON for sponsoring the magazine.

I had the pleasure to have some great conversations with the likes of

Alot of networking, making great connections and contacts, grabbing tasters of great cookies and other delectables, having great conversations along-with lots of laughter and making lots of international connections made the event a great place to be.

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