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Afternoon Tea with Leee John from Imagination

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

It was a long time in the waiting to make this exclusive afternoon tea experience happen. Leee John is an incredibly busy man, constantly creating, evolving, preparing, performing, so it was hard to lock this dynamo of a man down, and I too was on the rat race roller coaster, but I did it, I managed to lock a date in the diary and it was well worth the wait.

Leee John from the group Imagination, is in the midst of celebrating over 40 years in the entertainment industry in 2023. He has been an all-round artist, singer, writer, record producer, actor and film producer. Imagination also went platinum worldwide with sales in excess of 30 million albums. Leee is now on his 2023 'Just an Ilusion' world tour, therefore he wanted to celebrate his 40 year anniversary during Afternoon Tea with TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine, as he also celebrated his Box set of 17 CDs and 189 Tracks - giving us such greats such as 'Body Talk', 'It's Just and Ilusion', 'So Good, So Right', 'Music and Lights', 'Flashback' and more........Music we laughed and danced to, we cried to, we sang to. Music that was a huge part of our lives and who doesn't remember Leee's flamboyant dress sense and theatrical and expressive movements?

And what an afternoon it turned out to be. Leee and I had an absolutely incredible time. He shared alot about his time in the industry and we laughed and giggled, took numerous pictures and videos for those ambling around the luxury venue we were in, who recognized him, smiles lit up faces as numerous pictures were taken. A huge thank you also goes out to Tony Jazz, who we partner with, who helped to co-ordinate the event in order to make sure everything went well; top class as always.

As always partnering with Tony Jazz from The Butlers of Mayfair, our event went smoothly and as professionally as possible, whilst having lots of fun and laughter in the interim. Our guest was center-stage, our mission to offer him the best possible experience and to make sure he was well looked after. As we do with all of our clients. Those who served us on the day were gracious, and

hospitable which made the whole two hours so incredibly wonderful. I personally learned so much, as I do at such events, about Leee's journey in the industry and it was also nice to see that he was able to kick back and relax a bit to enjoy his Afternoon Tea, in between responding to texts messages (as he was still organising his launch on 10th February) in between me having my camera in his face to capture glimpses of his historical journey and in between mouthfuls enjoying a delightful afternoon tea). With a new chef and new menu at this luxury Mayfair venue, we came away giving our Afternoon Tea Experience, a Jolly Good thumbs up.

Tasty, Tasty, Very, Very Tasty

Below Leee gives us more insight into the industry and his music journey with Imagination.

The Music Industry

Did you Know? About Leee John working with The Late Mary Wilson and more...... Have a listen

Excerpt from Private Launch on 10th February 2023 '40 Years' of Imagination Featuring Leee John, 17 CD BOX SET

Leroy Logan & Leee John at Play, Esther and Peter Royer, Leee John, Peter Royer Leroy Logan

Wishing Imagination FT Leee John an incredible year and thank you for the music that has filled our lives for so long,. Lets Celebrate 'Twenty Twenty Leee' (2023 - As Leee john said in the interview I conducted with him).

For Further Details about Leee John, The 'Just an Illusion Tour' and Box Set Visit

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