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Bryan Ray Ruiz from Central Cali Caregivers - Specializes in Rare and Exotic Extractions

Updated: May 15, 2022

Bryan is being featured in the Summer 2022 issue of TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine.

I had the privilege of meeting Bryan Ray Ruiz, Founder of Central Cali CareGivers, a medical cannabis company in California, at a Pre-Oscar Gifting Suite Event on Thursday 24th March in LA.

I was drawn to Bryan’s larger than life personality, his authenticity and his smile and passion, which was obviously driven by his heart-felt passion and intuitive wisdom to support and help people deal with health issues. His smile and sincere depth of wisdom and knowledge exuded from his eyes (they say the eyes are the windows to the soul) spoke volumes about why he does what he does and that simply is – to reach out to touch, heal, transform lives.

Medical Cannabis has always been frowned upon, and presented and reported as something that we should not be using and accessing because as we know, pharmaceutical companies have their own agenda to keep people on tablets which often do more damage than good because they will lose billions of dollars in revenue if people stop using pharmaceutical drugs. I am not stating that pharmaceutical drugs do not have their place and are not relevant, however this article is to put present alternatives as well. They say knowledge is power so getting the right information so that people can make more positive and conscious decisions is important, especially when it comes down to their health. ”It upsets me so much when I hear people say that recreational and medical cannabis are the same. Yes they come from the same plant, for formulations and benefits are varied when it comes to treatment, healing and regeneration. There is no comparing the two” says Bryan.

There is a distinct difference between medical cannabis and recreational marijuana. Medical cannabis produces a calming, regenerative, healing effect offering individuals the opportunity to function in life rather than just exist, offering positive life changing results.

I had the opportunity to sample the Optimal Rush Medicated Eye Drops at The Pre-Oscars’ Gifting Suite and I was also given some sample bottles to bring back to the UK with me, which I have tried on several friends as well as using it myself. I must say I distinctively noticed the clarity Bryan talks about in my brief interview with him.

After over 25 years of research and formulating the cannabis herb into many different forms i.e eye drops, nasal sprays, liquid for those taking it by mouth i.e the elderly and children, edibles Bryan has developed an extensive product range. His products also are the first to work on humans and animals. Bryan's passion is to reach out and touch lives. To transform. To Heal. To support individuals in realising that they do not have to live in and with pain. That they do not have to just exist but that they can live their lives more comfortably, with ease and have more fulfilling moments.

If you want to find out more about this incredible young man, then make sure you GRAB your copy of The Summer issue - Out June 2022.

You can view progress of The Summer issue also at: In the meantime, you can view testimonials and see what else he is up to: Facebook: Central Cali Caregivers Instagram: centralcalicaregivers1 Website:

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