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On the Sofa with Esther: Fyrestorm and John 'The Bossman' Hall by Esther Austin

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

"FIRE STORM: One of the hottest bands, from Philadelphia, in the land. Feel the FIRE! FEEL THE STORM"

Watch out World because in 2021, Fyrestorm are ready to take the world by storm! Literally. Led by their faith in God, Powered by John 'The Bossman' Hall and Driven by their individual and collective passion and desire to produce great music, to perform and with strong wholesome messages in their music.

I discovered Fyrestorm the end of last year through another incredible performer, dancer, actor and a power generator of a man John 'The Bossman' Hall. He is known amongst his peers as 'the hardest working man in the industry' and this goes without doubt. John comes from an Entertainment Family Background, his cousin is Russell Thompkins Jnr, Lead Vocalist of 'Russell Thompkins Jnr and The New Stylistics.' John is a man who is hungry for success, hungry to perform to audiences worldwide, hungry and passionate about music and a man who is disciplined enough to do whatever it takes to make this all happen. He wants the world to know who he is and what he represents and that is - to be good at your craft, to own it and to deliver it. He is driven and will support those who he sees with his keen eye, who have talent and who need a helping hand to get to where they want to get to as well. John is the man who is helping to drive Fyrestorm, to where they should be. Dennis Sproul stated 'Until we get our grammy, we won't stop.' They want the world to hear their music.

"Take the inspiration and the melodies and ideas from previous generations and develop them as your own. Create your own artform. It takes skill." Mike Washington

I had the pleasure of interviewing Fyrestorm recently. The band comprises of 6 guys. Music is their first love and that was clearly evident. But more importantly, I felt, their spiritual authentic connection and the respect they had amongst each other which was so tight, they felt like blood family. Their individual characteristics and personalities when merged together make the band a unique blend of the Soul in the Funk in the Music, in their veins - of the everything. These guys were so talented they could come up with lyrics, put some beats and keys to it all and turn around a song in a minute.

"Reach for the moon because if you miss you will land on the stars." Dennis Sproul

The group comprises of Lead Vocalist Oscar Murphy Jr, who also sings background and is a songwriter; Dennis Sproul Rhythm Guitarist who also has a Jazz Album coming out soon. He comes from a long line of musicians. His mother and father sang and he loves to sing and loves to play the guitar. Then there is Michael Washington, Key Board Player who also comes from a long line of musicians as well and as Dennis said, is the man behind the ideas an