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Todrick Hall Extravaganza

Updated: Jun 20

The Southbank at the moment is this wonderful melting pot of culture, expression, music, food - a basket of exploration and experiences as we celebrate Chaka Khan's Meltdown Festival.

I had the pleasure of going to see Todrick Hall perform. Singer, Songwriter, Choreographer and youtuber. Up until now, I had never heard of him (and I say this unashamedly. Now don't you throw your heels at me. ) nor did I have any idea what to expect. And I was glad., I left the door to my mind open. No expectations at all.

From the outset there was an air of excitement buzzing around. People were smiling at each other, and engaging like long lost friends., even if they didn't know each other. Yet it was the vibe of Todrick Hall that was creating this universal party social. It was a mixed crowd from several 9 year olds right up to (hmm - I dare not go there - there is a saying you are as old as you feel) but I would say to the very, very mature.

Then the lights went down and there was a huge roar of excitement as his official famed video 'Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels' played, this signalled it was time to parteeee Everyone got to their feet., So not to feel like a squirrel in a cage with chickens, I too decided to stand , pretending that I knew what all the fuss was about, and words to songs i had never heard before, whilst having a sense of knowing that something quite extraordinary was about to go down. The crowd were now singing at the top of their voices, note for note,, word for word, action for action. I was thinking to mime, but thought better of it, in case I got exposed,. These were serious die hard Todrick Hall fans and there was a lot of love and respect for him and they were here to party and party hard.

Then HE made his entrance, and in an instant, I totally got what all the excitement was about. Right from the start Todrick's energy and that of his dancers were vibing. Flamboyant, expressive in his creative element. Honest, open and so very down to earth and relatable. As Todrick rolled through his catalogue of songs, the crowd engaged even more. He shared about his various experiences of love, - the love of love and the deep wrenching pain of betrayal ; the dreams of a young boy who knew he was destined, one day for something big and wonderful; the man who learned to become an activist for his own soul and for the expression of others;, to be unapologetically and expansively Todrick. He was poignant, he was cheeky, he was tearful, he was in your face. Todrick Hall was the epitome of living life large in his authenticity. . His music, was the messenger and the crowd loved it and clearly loved him.

I walked away on a high, because I now too wanted to fly, to seek that which was deeper, more fun...ner (smile if that wasn't a word before, it is now) more expressive and expansive within myself. I wanted to dance more with life, just like Todrick Hall.

and with everything he had been through, the challenges, the hurt, the pain - he still showed up for me and for you.

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