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TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine - Afternoon Tea at The Tea Terrace, Surrey

Updated: Jul 13, 2023


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As part of the roll-out of The Summer issue of TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine, I have been having different experiences, mostly indulging in Afternoon Tea. The theme of the Summer issue being Food, Individuality and Music. This issue will be exploring how food inspires or influences us. My personal response to this is that I felt even more connected to my inner child at the Tea Terrace. The child that wanted to run amongst the tables and chairs, which beckoned to me with their hues of pink and blue and the novelty ornaments that decorated the space. I wanted to touch everything, even the mirror that was decked in an array of velvet of deep blues, greens and reds.

This experience also made me feel very regal, this partly due to the playfulness at which myself and friend, Fashionista and Model Mark Fowler approached the whole setup. We went into performance mode, as you can see as we sailed up the Escalator, which was playful and at times and a little silly. I guess the reason why we chose The Indulgence Tea menu, was simply that we were in the mood to indulge and enjoy.

Afternoon Tea at The House of Fraser, In Guildford, Surrey - I didn't know what to expect, but it certainly turned out to be a wonderful affair. The whole experience was one of colour, giggles and excitement. We both dressed up in our pomp, Mark with a full face of Make-up and a wonderful Bespoke Hat, designed specifically for him. Arm in arm we sauntered up the escalator and then waltzed to The Tea terrace and as I rounded the corner I was pleasantly surprised. The room was an array of sunshine with hues of pinks, blues and white. A fairy tale setting, with a Cinderella gold carriage in the middle.

I could feel the child in me giggle as I tried not to leap, hop or skip my way to our carriage. I felt as if I was being transported back into a Disney movie, Cinderella comes to mind. The Tea Terrace was like entering into Alice in Wonderland or even Aladdin's Cave, with its ostentatious decor, and it's enticing range of cakes and other delights.

A wonderful lady who runs to Tea Terrace, Kristina looked after us so well. She greeted us with a big welcoming smile when we entered the Terrace, escorted us to our 'Carriage in the waiting' and then proceeded to tell us what would be on the menu that afternoon. We were guided to indulge in the Indulgence Afternoon Tea comprising an extensive selection of sandwiches, scones, deserts and a selection of tea from their 17 flavours.

Both Mark and I were quite bambozzled by the choice of sandwiches and scones, but we finally settled for Tuna Mayonnaise and Cucumber, Scottish Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese, Chicken Mayonnaise with Lettuce and English Cheddar Cheese & Handmade Chutney. By now I was cross-eyed by the choices of it all, I just wanted to order a scone with strawberry jam and cream please, I certainly felt as if I was being spoiled and it felt wonderful. But back to the scones. We finally settled with apple & cinnamon, 2 x cranberry, white chocolate and ginger scones. Now had this been any other event, I certainly would have been traumatised by having to constantly make a choice from such an array of goodies, but this was actually a very pleasant experience, as it gave me the chance to try something new. The sandwiches I ate with relish. I'm not very much a sandwich person but these were tasty and the bread, brown bread of course, soft. The scones with clotted cream and jam were nice, but the real yummyness lay in the assortment of cakes, which melted in my mouth and took me back to those places, where only dreams reveal themselves.

Desert was a little easier because it came as is, so we got three mini French Patisserie: 1) Belgo: A dark chocolate mousse topped with a whipped cream and covered with a chocolate glaze 2) Mirroir Framboise: Distinct raspberry mousse centred with a light lemon cream on a vanilla sponge 3) Ministry of Chocolate: Mouth watering layers of dark and milk chocolate mousses on a chocolate almond sponge draped in a rich chocolate glaze.

As we waited for our Indulgence Tea selection to arrive, we took pictures, and captured key moments on video, as you can see throughout this article. Members from Mark's workplace popped up to join in the constant stream of happy 'hello darlinks' and 'don't you two look fabulous' and to 'ooos and ahhhas' at seeing their colleague, Mark, all dressed up and having fun - it was certainly a happy and momentous occasion.

Mark and I also had the opportunity to head outside the Terrace space to take pictures with rolling hills in the distance and the sound of a mini waterfall in the background.

All in all we had a really lovely time, talking, taking pictures and enjoying an ambience fit for a King or Queen or for your curious inner child.

10% OFF AFTERNOON TEA IF YOU MENTION TURNINGPOINT10 WHEN YOU BOOK. TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine would like to say a big thank you to: Lailana Shouly

Director of Marketing and PR at The Tea Terrace

Mark Fowler, Fashionista and Model Kristina Ivanauskaite - The Tea Terrace Manager


The House of Fraser

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