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Afternoon Tea with Legends, The Three Degrees at The Biltmore LXR, Mayfair September 2022

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

"The Three Degrees well known for their soulful voices, beautiful gowns, and fabulous stage shows. They are known all around the world for songs like “When will I see you again”, “Dirty Ol’ Man”, “Take Good Care Of Yourself”. They have been continuously touring for more than 40 years and still touring to this day." Excerpt from website.

Videoed Testimonial from The Three Degrees of Their Afternoon Tea Experience

Image 1: At the back Esther Austin, with Francis Holder, Personal Butler, Valerie Holiday, Tabitha King, Freddie Poole and Mr Vella, General Manager

Music is a wonderful friend, tool, gift, and messenger. Music touches and speaks to our every mood, it has the magic to surpass bias, anger, hate, disharmony and prejudice (If the vibrations of the music are right to allow that love and flow). It is the one connector, other than food that can bring people together to heal, transmute and transcend barriers. So to me, the music of The Three Degrees is one of those treasures and gifts that we have been blessed with.

People have grown up watching and listening to The Three Degrees, who are the longest-running female vocal group in history. Helen Scott was the longest-serving member of female vocal group The Three Degrees, and Valerie Holiday as the longest performing member, with Freddie Poole, who has sung backing vocals for some of the world's leading singers and who is known for singing with The Former Supremes and the Three Degrees, who had 10 UK Top 40 hits in the 70s. Chart-toppers included When Will I See You Again?, Take Good Care Of Yourself and Woman In Love.

They effortlessly bought class, style and sassy dance moves to the world, inspiring women all over the world that they too could aspire to be whatever they wanted to be. That they could discover that special something inside themselves, to own it and then to use it. Of course, men love them as well. Who doesn't? With hits such as 'When Will I see you Again' , 'Dirty Ol man', 'Woman in Love', 'Take Good Care of Yourself' and their on stage presence. They became a symbol of 'Girl Power' but also of sassy elegance and sophistication. To be on stage, doing what they love, with those voices, to follow that dream of performing along with all those other attributes has made them into singing icons.

I've had the pleasure of interviewing The Three Degrees, Valerie Holiday, Freddie Poole and Helen Scott on many occasions, and the interviews have always been fun, full of joviality, laughter and interesting industry insights, in terms of their illustrious career in the music industry. In these interviews, we got an insider's view into their lives on some level, but most of we spoke about their love of their craft, of their profession. We spoke about the people they've met all over the world, their audiences, their experiences and their travels. So it was a real delight to invite them to a Private Afternoon Tea on Tuesday 27th September. Tabitha King, acclaimed vocalist had replaced Helen Scott during this trip, due to illness. The idea of these Afternoon tea events is for celebs, legends and pioneers to experience Afternoon Tea whilst also being able to relax and chill out, because we know touring and performing can be pretty grueling.

The occasion was had at The Biltmore LXR, Mayfair, Located in the prestigious Grosvenor Square, The Biltmore Mayfair offers opulent accommodations and a prime location for exploring the capital, where we indulged in Afternoon Tea. A sea of tasty Sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, and a delicious selection of cakes, along with the choice to select from out of 14 teas, was had. Anna Maria, the waitress who served us was gentle and attentive, little things like this added to the uniqueness of the experience.

The afternoon was a dream come true. The Three Degrees were down-to-earth, full of laughter with brief anecdotes of their journey i.e their performances and just general chit-chat about life. These women are seasoned artists at the top of their game and yet in their humility, were able to be themselves. Valerie Holiday was a bundle of fun, full of gigglyness (I love that new word don't you) and laughter. Her inner-child is so endearing and also there was a wisdom, honed from life's copious experiences and yet she oozes a sassy, elegance that is soul-born. Tabitha King, shrewdly observant for a while, like an eagle-eyed mother, her second time performing in the UK, relaxed into the Afternoon, after we had gotten to know each other a little more.

After a glass or two of bubbly (champagne) and with the arrival of the sandwiches and cakes, she then melted into the warm hubbub of laughter, showing her carefree attitude, now at ease sharing anecdotes about life and family with words of wisdom interspersed. We connected joking about her love of champagne because of her 'attachment' to her wine glass. I am not much of a drinker, so did not have the same appreciation Tabitha did of champagne. Freddie Poole has a wonderful exterior innocence about her that is endearing. Her love of nature and being out in nature, is part of that inner peaceful charm that she exudes. Her warmth gently pulls you in, she is softly spoken with so much wisdom and with a wonderful sense of humour - it was a pleasure spending time with these ladies. There was so much history shared, told by their stories, I felt honoured.

The group, especially Freddie was intrigued by the plates we were given, which typified that of a a typical British table setting and they all loved the ambiance, which gave them that real true British Afternoon Tea experience.

After we finished Tea, Francis Holder, Personal Butler, met us and escorted us to conduct a tour of The Pent House and one of The Junior Suites. To gasps of 'ooh's' and 'ahhh's, with lots of questions, there was an admiration of the extravagance and yet simplicity and homey feel presented by the energy of Pent House. They were equally impressed by the Junior Suite. Francis Holder gave a very knowledgeable and detailed explanation during the tour, which was very captivating.

Image 1: Valerie Holiday, Francis Holder, Freddie Poole and Tabitha King Image 3: Esther Austin, Valerie Holiday (Holding a copy of The Summer issue of TurningPoint: Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being Magazine), Freddie Poole and Tabitha King

The Three Degrees certainly had an overall good time, as you can see from the videos and images here. This event was also made all the more special because these women had such a great sense of humour and playfulness. Legends who were still in touch with their humanity so that they could laugh and be playful. That's magic people.

Life is a wonderful cacophony of experiences. At Esther Austin Global we want to create those moments for all of you, because such experiences enhance who we are as human beings, they influence and inspire our lived experiences. We get to grow and expand our mindset and step into the magic of living and not just existing. The collaboration between Esther Austin Global and The Biltmore once again provided that opportunity, as they had in June this year with Legendary Group Shalamar, who thoroughly enjoyed their Afternoon Tea experience as well.

A wonderful Rendition of "When Will I See You Again" Goodbye before The Three Degrees headed out I'd like to say thank you to Ms O'Shea, Marketing and Communications Manager for working with Esther Austin Global so diligently and quickly to make this happen. To Francis Holder, Personal Butler and all who were part of our experience. The Biltmore comes recommended, because of our experience of Afternoon tea and that of our clients.

Clips from their Performance at Boisdale, London on 29/09/2022

Tour Dates for The Three Degrees:

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING AT THE BILTMORE, MAYFAIR: Aoibhín O’Shea - Marketing & Communications Manager Samir Deshmukh. Reservations Manager Mr Vella: General Manager Francis Holder: Biltmore LXR Personal Butler Omar Mohammad: Waiter Mayard Decosta: Assistant Restaurant Manager

Junior Sous Chef for afternoon tea: Kamil Grabourski

Anna Maria : Waitress

CONTACT DETAILS: For more information about our Afternoon Tea Experiences or for any other of our Bespoke Events email:

They want to to Afternoon Tea AGAIN - FABULOUS

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