Afternoon Tea with Legends Shalamar

I had the pleasure two weeks ago of arranging afternoon tea for the legendary group Shalamar. Apparently it was their first time having afternoon tea after coming to the UK to perform, for over 20 years. And it was there first time doing something together outside of them touring and performing. So a first on both levels. This is the group that had hits such as 'Take that to the Bank', 'A Night to Remember', 'Second Time Around', 'I Can Make you Feel Good' consisting of Howard Hewett, Carolyn Griffey and Jeffrey Daniel.

The afternoon was filled with fun, giggles, laughter and sharing.

We were attended to at The Biltmore LXR, Mayfair by two personal Butlers, Francis Holder and Lucus Kongiel who were assigned to us. Asif Bajwa, Restaurant and Lounge Manager provided us with the most excellent of hospitality, with his very welcoming and exuberant smile and dedication to providing the best service along-with his dedicated team, who were attentive and very accommodating.

The Setup was outside, in the new Tea Terrace, and we were blessed that the day was sunny and warm.

After tea, we were then taken on a tour of the hotel by Francis Holder and Lucus Kongiel where Shalamar was shown the Signature Suites. Very impressive Suites, if I say so myself.

All in all it was a very successful day and I do hope that Shalamar now has a taste and feel of experiencing Afternoon Tea on a more regular basis from now on.

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